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Mystore - Nigeria's Indigenous Online Retailer

We have some great clients who love us

We love our clients and they love us back We have some great clients who love us
  • I have no doubt that Mystore will succeed in Nigeria. My concern is that if Nigeria is really ripe for such huge idea. Having helped worked on their idea for some time now, i have no doubt they will be the biggest marketplace in no time.

    Shane Marsh
    Shane Marsh New Delhi, IND
  • This is the right store for Nigeria. I may be from the US but I know that there is nothing like an indigenous concept. Local concept work anywhere it is localized. Mystore will strive well because its localized to the needs of the marketplace in Nigeria. Unlike the competition.

    James Anderson
    James Anderson Los Angeles, CA
  • Mystore - Nigeria's Indigenous Online Retailer is one idea I couldn't help but admire. We worked with them to develop a local concept, but its beyond a local concept, its a global concept for local engagement. We are proud to partner with Mystore in Nigeria.

    Nathan Astle
    Nathan Astle Los Angeles, CA
  • Our project implementation and transition was quite smooth. I strongly believed Mystore has all it takes to lead the marketplace in Nigeria. While others are doing trial and error, Mystore is built to do just one thing - get it right the first time. This is the best partners marketplace in Africa because we built it to be so.

    Levi Straus
    Levi Straus Asia Pacific Division
  • The Best Shopping Experience. One big idea i have never seen anywhere in the world is a big feature on Mystore - Free products give away. I never thought this idea works until working on it for Mystore. Mystore will help companies make more sales using its free product give away concept we developed.

    Mr.albanja Los Angeles, CA