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Quick Store Setup

How to Register as A Seller:
Registering to sell on Mystore is very simple. It's just in two steps, go, click on SIGN UP on the top right corner of the page and fill out the sing up form. Choose a good username because you will not be able to change this name later. Then your email. Choose email that you want all messages sent to. However, you can always change your email anytime. And enter your password. Then your name. This will create a login account. That’s the first step.

The second step will require you to now login. Inside your account you will see two major menus - SELLER & BUYER. Clicking on each of the menu will give you access as either a buyer or seller. If you just want to be a buyer, fine. Just go on and setup your user account. But to be a seller click on the Seller button and fill up the seller details to request seller approval. Approvals might up to 24 hours depending on when you send your request.
How to Set Up Your Seller Store:

So you are a seller, what next? You need to setup your information. These are information that is only seen by you and Mystore admin. It’s not public record. Click on SELLER, then click Account Information. Fill in your personal information, your bank account information and your return address – the address you want customers to return your products to in case of where customer rejected product for reasons allowed in our return policy. As a seller we don’t need to contact you every time you request for payout. So setup your bank information. You can always change that anytime you want to another account. In case you change your bank account. Save the changes you have made.

Now, it’s time to setup information about your store that will be visible for your customers to see. Click on SELLER to display more options on your option bar by the left hand corner. And click on SHOP. Now set your SHOP INFORMATION. Enter your shop name. the shop URL should reflect automatically. You can also change the URL but that would depend on what’s available. If the URL you want is taken it will let you know and you will have to choose another URL that is available. select the store locations, state, city-town, and enter store city is the area is known by a particular name that is not the name of the town. Upload a store logo and store banner. Banner size is 1200x361px. Get a designer to design good banner for you. You can get banner designed for you for as low as $5 on

Now write your announcement. Do you have a store promo you can promote it here in your store announcement? Fill in a message for your customers. Use it to promote your store to a first time buyer. The second section is the shop policy. You need to write a shop policy. Start with a welcome message. Tell buyers what kind of products you sell, defend your quality, general information about your store. Next is payment method. Mystore has only one payment option and that is prepaid. So, you should defend the payment option and guarantee product quality, taxes, cancellation, delivery & returns policy. Next is delivery. Explain your delivery method, confirmation, etc. Your return policy can also be enhanced here. Let your customers know what reasons to return product for. Note that because we offer only prepaid ordering, customer will be much interested in return policy & refunds. Other information you can use your initiative or leave out anything that is optional.
How to Set Up Your Products:
Remember everything you do as a seller is in the seller area. Get used to have to share seller area with buyer area. You must master this area if you want to be a successful seller on Mystore. Also, this is what gives your product more visibility. Things that improves your visibility includes…

Product Pictures: You must be sure they are of high quality. Preferably white background or better picture that represents the product you are selling. This will reduce your return rate as well if the picture represents accurately what customers are ordering for. The picture size should be 500x500px.

Category Selection: The category selection helps you put your products in the right category. Customers shop by category. When you go searching let your product be found in the right category. It will increase your visibility and increase your sales as well. Also, if a product is not found in a category the system automatically applies a higher commission rate to that product. To avoid paying higher commission than what’s assigned to your category.

Brand Option: Always add the brand of the product you are uploading. Mystore promotes products based on brand. And we also showcase brands on our home page which would give you visibility as well. In case you can’t find the brand of your product while setting up the item. Call our customer service to request set up of your brand. Customers also values brand. Always setup product brand. If the product does not have any brand. You can just use our general brand name UNIVERSAL for non-branded products.

Video Option: If you have an explainer video of the product you are uploading on YouTube or any other video platform you can use it. That’s a great visibility tool. Customers love video. It can give you even a viral advantage.

Color & Size: Color and sizes are the most important option when selling online. Customers want to be able to pick the right color and size. You also use color selection to avoid duplicating or uploading same product multiple times just to setup products with different colors.

Shipping Option: No matter how much visibility you enjoy, without setting up shipping customers won’t be able to checkout your product. Our shipping option works both ways. It helps customers order products to be shipped. But most importantly it helps to make your product ‘ordering-visible’ to only those in the location you want to sell. That means while they can see the products they can’t be able to order it because you have chosen to only ship to certain location. Learn more about shipping setup.

Special Price: Surprisingly, this gives you an unusual kind of visibility. Special price lets customer know you are selling below the original price. Customers love discounts. And we have two discount features you can use to create this amazing visibility.

Quick Product Set Up Guide:

Now let’s set up your first product. Click on SELL YOUR PRODUCT. It's located at the top right corner of your computer screen.There are three main areas in the product setup menus that you must fill in even if you decide to ignore the rest. However, always consider the type of product you are uploading before deciding the main information required. For fashion products, you must fill out the following 4 or 5.

1. General

2. Links

3. Option

4. Shipping

If you are just selling normal products…you may just need these menus to fill up for quick setup.

1. General

2. Links

3. Option

Note that these are just basic and doesn’t mean that all you need to do. Study all the menu features and see what you would need for each product to get the best visibility.

You will notice the following information on the opened screen of PRODUCT SETUP.
1. General
2. Data
3. Links
4. Attributes
5. Option
6. Shipping
7. Discount
8. Special

Let me explain all these. You are already at General page. Try as must as possible to input all the details that has RED ASTERIX. Those are important. The general page is the first most important page. You must fill here properly. The Data page is where you decide the weight and packaging for shipping. It's really not that Less important, especially because it's where you can also setup video for your product. If you understand the power of video marketing, the DATA page will be so important to you. Video is necessary if you have a product that buyers needs to know how it works. For example, a food processor that has multiple features and processes.

Then next is the LINK PAGE. This is the second most important page you must fill. This page determines where your product will appear online. So treat it as very important for your own good. I will explain more when I'm explaining the category selection. Attributes are mostly for people selling certain product like electronics and gadgets where certain features are important.

And the next page OPTION gives fashion sellers the color selection and sizes needed to help buyers pick the right selection of fashion items. Then SHIPPING. I will be explaining shipping in a separate heading to give you full idea of how this works and how you can tweak shipping to your advantage in so many ways. And finally DISCOUNT & SPECIAL works pretty much the same but with little difference. So it all depends on what you want to do. While discount helps you set up discounted deals for your customers, choosing quantity to discount, making it a priority over other prices and chosen the date to begin discount and the date to stop and revert to normal price. And you can set up multiple discounts with dates and priorities. And special is special pricing on your full stock. It also has a beginning date and end date.

The beauty of all these features are that they are designed to make your product listing easily seen by buyers and enable them select your product with the right descriptions and sizes and colors to match their shopping needs.

How to Setup Each Product Categories:
If you ever want buyers to find your product easily on any marketplace online, make sure your product in added in the right category for the product you are selling. A buyer will look for women's clothing in the category under women's clothing. If your product is not found there, they may not be found and that means low sales for you and it may also be penalized by the site with high commission rate when anyone eventually buys them.

So if you are going to sell more on Mystore online shopping site, you better value categorization of your product listing in the right location. And you need to do this for each product your setup on Mystore. If you are not sure your products are currently in the right category click on LIVE PRODUCTS on the top right corner of your seller area. It will Open list of products you have setup in your seller account. If you have many products, you will need to enter a keyword of the product you want to check in the search box to track it.

Category set up is found on the LINK page. This is one area you need to master well because you are the one to tell the site which product category you want to put the product. For example, when I select the link page and choose the product brand name, the next thing is the PRODUCT CATEGORY. Type in the sub category you want. Like if I have a kitchen product I should be looking for the category under kitchen that explains my product well. Like if it's fry pan, then I will type pan and that will bring out the category link of pan and I will select the one that actually fit into the product I want to setup. For customers to easily find your product, put them in their proper categories. If you have any challenge with that, like if you couldn't find the right category for your product, please do contact us to create it for you.

How to Set Up Shipping Per Product:
NOTE: SHIPPING MUST BE SETUP FOR EACH PRODUCT. This is important for you if you sell different products, large sizes, breakable materials, and expensive products, etc. The good thing about the shipping method on Mystore is that you can choose which locations you want to ship to, and only buyers from those locations can buy those particular products.

This helps you reduce high return products and save your store some additional cost that may accrue to you on shipments that buyers return. There are important things to know about the shipping feature in Mystore online shopping site. It gives you the power to decide how much you charge for shipping, ability to choose to ship by yourself, decide location where you only want to sell to. This is particular important for breakable items. You can avoid shipping to distant location because they might probably be broken even before they arrive their destination. That will both cost you the product and cost of shipping, as the customer won't even accept broken item.

Here is the steps to setup shipping...
Click on shipping page and it will open the shipping options. You will see SHIPPING LOCATION - that is your location from where you will be shipping to buyers. For example, if I'm in Lagos, my shipping location will be Lagos. So I select Lagos. Underneath is FREE SHIPPING. You only select this if you want to ship that particular product free. Free shipping means that buyers won't pay for shipping. And that means you are the one paying for shipping. Use this only if you sell within your location and you have private delivery to deliver yourself and save the extra shipping cost.

Below the free shipping is the proper shipping option. If you are on this page now you will be seeing the following listed below...
1. Ship to
2. Shipping company
3. Processing time
4. Cost
5. Each additional item

You can see the plus sign, when you click on the plus sign it will open editable form where you can input shipping details. SHIP TO is the state you want to ship to. You can select and set up shipping for any state you want or you can select EVERYWHERE ELSE to set shipping for all locations nationwide or to the rest of the state you didn’t setup separate shipping for. So you will have to set up each state. SHIPPING COMPANY is the delivery option. We have priority, regular or store pickup. The details are already preconfigured. So the option will pop up once you put the cursor there. Select the options you want and apply.

If you are delivering on time just select PRIORITY SHIPPING. If not chose REGULAR SHIPPING, etc. then PROCESSING TIME is the time it takes you to process. We have predefined times you can choose from. Then your COST OF SHIPPING. This is the cost you will charge for shipping that product to that particular location. Depending on the shipping company you want to use, you should obtain their prices and setup price for it.

Finally, EACH ADDITIONAL ITEM - this is where you decide if you want to charge extra if a buyer picked two of your items instead of one. This will help you lower shipping cost for buyers when they pick more than one item from your stock, instead of charging them for each item separately.